This is Sendai, Japan

Hey Guys

Today I will write about the New Year holidays

First, I live in Miyagi, Japan

Located north of Tokyo

About an hour on the Shinkansen

I took this photo yesterday

Beyond the building is the Pacific Ocean. I can’t see the usa. Hahaha

I want to go to the United States

So at the end of the year I went to a shrine.

Shiogama Shrine

Shiogama Shrine is a place with a very long history.


I will enter from here.


Business is a drooling cow

To be long and thin like a drool

Stroking the cow’s head


When we say why we go to the shrine at the end of the year, we go to God to give thanks for one year.


On January 1, we went to see the first sunrise.

The sun was so beautiful and my heart was healed

But it was very cold.

When I get home,I ate Osechi dishes.

Osechi is a New Year’s dish, meaning each and every year to live a healthy year


In January, we visit a shrine.

I’ll go to New Year’s greeting to God.

That’s why I divine Omikuji.

Daikichi Chuukichi Shoukichi

Good normal bad

This is how to spend the New Year holidays in Japan.

I would like to introduce a lot more.

Thank you very much.

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